Outsourced Payroll v In-house

Payroll and HR are very sensitive elements in every business, and if done incorrectly can prove very costly and demotivating to your staff.

Benefits of outsourcing your payroll…

  • Increased productivity- Outsourcing will free up time, allowing your employees to concentrate on the more crucial elements of your business.
  • Auto Enrolment- SGW Payroll can look after your auto enrolment if we run your payroll
  • Up-to-date rules and regulations- Few companies know the complexities of calculating tax and ensuring HMRC regulations are kept up to date. Keeping up with changes in legislation is vital and increases costs. Outsourcing means this responsibility will be 100% kept up to date without you having to worry.
  • No training required- Handling your payroll and HR means having to allocate time and money to ensure your employees are well informed. A small change to the HMRC’s rules and regulations can result in putting the entire business at risk and lead to major accounting issues. Outsourcing your payroll will keep you up to date, saving you money and unnecessary training.
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