Are you legally compliant for Auto Enrolment? If not, ACT NOW before it’s too late…

September 11, 2014 By SGW Payroll | Payroll

Every small to medium sized company will legally have to enrol into a pension scheme over the next few years. With only now potentially three pension providers taking these new companies this could lead to a recipe for an administration nightmare!

This is why every company should act sooner rather than later to avoid the back-log and of incurring any unnecessary late submission fines from the Pension Regulator.

Auto Enrolment has been a topic hot in the press over the last few years since the government brought this legal requirement into play. All employers are now legally required to automatically enrol qualifying staff into a pension scheme and to make contributions.

Local company SGW Payroll, one of the UK’s leading companies in the implementation and management of payrolls and supporting services for businesses, is holding a seminar at their head office in Crewe to advice and inform companies all about auto enrolment and how it will effect employers.

The Seminar will be held on the 2nd October 2014 at 10am and will include:

  • Knowing when your business needs to be ready
  • Developing plans
  • How to enrol
  • How you are going to manage the pension scheme
  • Choosing a pension scheme
  • Tier contributions and rates
  • How to automatically enrol staff
  • Legal correspondence and record keeping
  • Declaration of compliance
  • Fulfilling ongoing responsibilities

Auto enrolment is an on-going legally complaint commitment to a business and therefore it is vital to be thoroughly understood by an employer.

To come along to SGW Payroll’s seminar and to find out how we can help please contact Alexandra Eardley on 01270 531889 or e-mail

There will be a number of seminars held over the next twelve months if you are unable to attend this one.

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