SGW Payroll working with Accountants…

You no longer need to worry about keeping up to date with the latest payroll legislation, SGW Payroll can do this for you.

As you will be aware payroll and pensions legislation is becoming more complex and the Governments approach more financially punitive. Therefore your clients will increasingly turn to you for your assistance. By outsourcing this procedure to SGW Payroll you will be able to offer more to your clients and not have to worry about legislation and costly investment in the supporting infrastructure.

Why Choose SGW Payroll?

  • UK leading company in the implementation and management of business payrolls and supporting services
  • Over 400 years combined experience
  • Fully trained, experienced team on hand to offer you support
  • Affordable bespoke packages available to suit your individual business needs
  • HMRC and RTI compliant
  • BACs approved bureau
  • Confidence in your clients being able to rely on a team of trained and experienced staff

What SGW Payroll can do for you…

  • A direct payroll service where we deal directly with your client regarding their payroll
  • A back-office service where you keep the contact with the client and we do their payroll and administration in the background
  • A lead generation agreement for you to provide us with payroll leads you receive, please contact a member of our team to discuss further

Learn how our Payroll Services can help accountants & bookkeepers

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