Payroll Services

SGW Payroll is a UK leading company in the management of payroll for businesses

We offer a fully a comprehensive, secure, fully managed payroll service.

Our fully trained, experienced in-house team take management of your payroll, including your HMRC administration, freeing up your time and giving you overall peace of mind. SGW Payroll specialise in the management of payroll systems for small, medium and large businesses. We can also create bespoke packages to suit your individual business requirements.

” I am so glad SGW Payroll are doing our payroll now, taking a massive burden off me. All the staff are excellent, helpful and accommodating as I know our payroll is not the easiest.”

Outsource v’s In-house

  • Increased Productivity: Outsourcing will free up your time, allowing your employees to concentrate on more crucial elements to your business.
  • Up-to-date Rules and Regulations: Few people know the complexities of calculating tax and ensuring HMRC regulations are kept in-line. Keeping up with changes in legislation is vital and also comes at an extra cost. Outsourcing means this responsibility will be 100% kept up to date without you having to worry.
  • No training required: Handling your payroll and HR in-house means having to allocate a certain amount of time and money to training, ensuring your employees are well informed. A small change to the HMRC’s rules and regulations can result in putting the entire business at risk and lead to major accounting issues. Outsourcing your payroll will ensure to keep up to date with these changes, allowing you to save money when training is required.



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