Met Police cover up findings of discrimination

July 28, 2014 By SGW Payroll | HR

Losing  the Employment Tribunal case for sex and race discrimination brought by Carol Howard has caused immeasurable change to the reputation of the Met Police. Not only has the case been proven but it has also emerged that the Met Police had an active policy of deleting finding of discrimination in investigation reports, fears of ‘institutional racism’ are reignited and 15 years of hard work are all but wiped out since the McPherson report into the investigation by the Met Police of the murder of Stephen Lawrence.

We believe it is highly likely that the main culprit inspector Kelly had unconscious bias against Ms Howard as a black woman and his behaviour and attitudes emerged from that skewed view. We are also concerned that an organisation in the public office refused to acknowledge examples of discrimination when they did occur and deal with them constructively and finally that their legal team were guilty of more of the same when they allowed the case to go to a full hearing and did not advise the Met appropriately on damage limitation and working towards a better future.

Ms Howard will now seek compensation for injury feelings and aggravated damages. There is no cap on the amount of compensation payable for unlawful discrimination.


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