Shoreham Port Authority

Shoreham Port is a major UK port for aggregates, sawn timber, steel, oil, locally grown cereals and scrap metal. The main activities are divided between its cargo handling interests, fishing and leisure communities. In addition, they have a good commercial and warehousing property portfolio and support the business community.

Shoreham Port’s success is down to fast, efficient cargo handling and reliable distribution which has earned them a reputation for quality. They are committed to continual investment in the quality of facilities and sustainability of their service into the future. That is one of the reasons they use the Payroll Services of SGW Payroll Ltd.


Paul Perry joined Shoreham Port Authority in 2000 and therefore inherited the payroll responsibility and SGW Payroll as that service provider. He understood how sometimes difficult and time consuming running a payroll can be. But, the alternative of outsourcing can be complicated and subject to errors.


He was convinced that SGW operated an excellent service which offered reliability and value for money. He said ‘Ever since my first payroll for Shoreham Port, I have always dealt with their assigned dedicated Payroll Account Operator Debbie. The service that is provided is excellent, efficient and timely. I can’t fault it in any way! ‘

Paul explained that he simply sends password protected payroll reports for processing via email to SGW. He then receives the reports back via email for checking – this ensures all is in order. He responds with a quick call to give the go-ahead and then waits for the payslips and management reports to arrive on his desk. Paul explained ‘It’s all taken care of for us – even the employee’s are paid by BACS, so that makes my life a little less stressful and hassle free!’

Looking ahead

Shoreham Port Authority endeavour to strive for quality in their approach. To facilitate this they require the same from their suppliers. SGW Payroll are likewise, and keen to know how or what improvements could be made to their service, to which Paul replied ‘Just keep on doing what you do best!’

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