Shared Parental Leave

February 11, 2015 By SGW Payroll | Blog

With the new regulation coming into force from 1st December 2014, parents can now apply for Shared Parental Leave. The rules apply to couples who are expecting a baby on or after 5th April 2015. The rules also apply to children placed or matched for adoption on or after the same date.

Allowing parents to decide whether to share the mother’s maternity leave, gives couples greater flexibility. Employment Relations Minister Jo Swinson said: “Mother and adopters will be able to choose when they return to work and fathers and partners will be able to spend more time bonding with their children during the precious early stages of their development.”

This change in maternity regulations will become a statement of change for the modern world of workplaces as mothers are still to have at least 2 weeks off after the birth, but from then onwards it is the sole decision of the parents regarding splitting the remaining 50 weeks of leave.

To read the full post by the Department for Business, Innovation & Skills click here.

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