5 benefits of outsourcing your payroll

January 20, 2015 By SGW Payroll | Blog

An integral process of any business is the payroll, people come to work to get paid and if you can’t do that efficiently you’ll be causing many headaches, not just for your employees but for you as an employer also. Here are some benefits you can enjoy if you outsource your payroll:

1. You can focus on building a stronger brand

Outsourcing your payroll can free up your resources to concentrate holy and solely on what you run best, your business! Focus all your energy and time on your own brand and leave the payroll to the experts.

2. No need to keep on top of the latest regulations

With payroll regulations changing at least once a year, it is important to stay afloat of relevant updates. If you don’t comply with the legislation you can incur fines. This can be easily avoided by entrusting a payroll company with this responsibility.

3. No training of staff members required

You don’t have to employ an additional person to run your payroll. This saves you paying a wage, and saves you running the risk of regular mistakes and subsidising any training the member of staff may need to ensure they can run your payroll in a timely fashion.

4. Cost-effective

Not only do we offer an extremely competitive pricing structure, but as an employer, you don’t have to purchase or continue paying out for Payroll software or support licenses. At SGW we are fully equipped with knowledge and software – a winning combination!

5. You don’t need to say goodbye to your payroll knowledge

It can be difficult when any staff member leaves with their intimate job knowledge,  but when it’s something as crucial as payroll, it can become a real headache. This is easily avoided when outsourcing, the knowledge is constantly to hand and just a phone call, an email or a meeting away!


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