How much does outsourcing payroll cost?

SGW Payroll offer a number of affordable packages, from starter, fully managed and bespoke packages. Please contact a member of our team to discuss this further.

What payroll packages are available?

Starter, fully managed and bespoke packages to suit your individual business. Also Auto Enrolment, HR and Health and Safety support packages.

What extras would I get?

SGW Payroll offer a variety of services to support businesses including, HR, Health and Safety, Pension Auto Enrolment and much more.

How long would the contract be for?

12 months

Am I tied into a contract?

Yes, a 12 month contract is the usual

How secure would my data be?

Very, SGW Payroll do not outsource so your data will stay secure with our in-house team

Is SGW Payroll HMRC qualified?

Yes, SGW Payroll’s staff are constantly trained to keep them fully qualified up to HMRC standards

Does SGW Payroll offer a fully managed payroll?

Yes, please speak to a member of our team for further information

Can SGW Payroll offer bespoke packages?

Yes, please speak to a member of our team for further information

Can I have a weekly payroll?

Yes, please speak to a member of our team for further information

Can I have a monthly payroll?

Yes, please speak to a member of our team for further information

Can I add or take away staff to the payroll once it has started?

Yes, SGW Payroll will deal with all the paperwork for you

Would there be an extra cost to adding or taking away staff member to the payroll?

No there is not a charge for this service.

Are there any additional charges for paying employees by BACS?

SGW Payroll is a fully accredited BACS Bureau and can pay staff into their bank accounts. This service has no additional charges.

Are there any additional charges for help or advice?

Our clients can contact us at any time during normal working hours for free help or advice. All calls come directly to our team, not a call centre. All payrolls are run internally so that queries can be dealt with quickly and efficiently.

What reports will I get?

SGW Payroll supply a comprehensive range of reports as standard, including summaries and detailed reports for pay and split into departments. We can also create bespoke reports for a small one off fee.

Do we need any special staff training to run the payroll?

There is no specific training required. We recommend that there are two points of contact responsible for liaising with ourselves.

Are there any other charges?

Any documents that need to be posted are charged a delivery fee to cover postage and packaging. If reports or payslips need to be run due to loss on behalf of the client, there would be a small re-run charge.

Where is the payroll run?

SGW Payroll runs the payroll in house at the head office in Crewe.

Are there additional charges for processing incoming and outgoing P45’s or P46’s?

There is no charge for electronically filing these with the HMRC.

Are there charges for tax year end?

SGW Payroll charge for payroll tax year end based on the number of employees who have been employed in the payroll tax year. This will include final RTI reconciliation and the production of P60’s.

How are payslips delivered?

We can offer a choice of either secure laser printed impact sealed pay slips, printed with employees name and address on the outside, or electronic payslips (e-slips) e-mailed directly to the employee. Posted pay slips do incur a delivery charge for packaging and postage.

Do we need to give our employees a contract of employment?

Yes, employees should be provided with a contract of employment within 2 months of commencement of employment.

Do we need to contribute towards pensions for our staff?

This depends on a number of factors such as a number of employees that you have, what your contracts of employment say and also the provisions relating to auto enrolment under the Pensions Act 2008.

Can we dismiss an employee with less than 2 years service without following any procedure?

An employee with less than 2 years service can make a variety of claims against you. We offer HR support. Please contact our team for further information.

When is my staging date for auto enrolment?

Follow the link on our Support page

How far in advance do I need to get all my paperwork for auto enrolment submitted?

SGW Payroll’s advice is to act on the paperwork asap as there may be penalties if the paperwork is submitted late. We can help you with this.

Does my business need to be in a pension scheme?

Yes, please contact our team for further information


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